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PostSubject: Super-Secret Forum   Super-Secret Forum I_icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 2:02 pm

As you know (or don't know), there is an online game called Super-Secret. If you dont know anything about it.....read onward!

About Super-Secret

The SuperSecret Gang Once Upon A Time, We Were Tweens, Too

And there was one thing we loved more than anything: getting together with our neighborhood friends to play games and explore the world around us. Building secret forts in the woods. Riding bikes into town. Ducking behind the bushes for a game of hide-and-seek.

With SuperSecret, we're aiming to bring back that same sense of impromptu fun for kids today. Of course, we're a bit older than we used to be. So we talk to tweens every step of the way, to find out what they're excited about and to get their ideas on how to make SuperSecret a place they love. Things can change. We know that.

Except . . . some things don't change. Tweens still love to play games, chat with friends, and explore. What's different is that today they live in a structured and scheduled world, where it can be hard to find time, and neighborhood friends, for spontaneous, free-wheeling, roam-around fun.

Not anymore. SuperSecret is a safe, age-appropriate world available at any time for kids who need (and deserve) a breather. It's a place where tweens can be independent and explore—and feel that same sense of joy we felt when we were kids.

When you search on Google, there is no forum for Super-Secret. So, I made one! Please join if you play Super-Secret or even if you don't play and want to learn more!

Here's the link! http://supersecretforum.omgforum.net/forum.htm

So please join!


Super-Secret Forum Twilight22
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Super-Secret Forum
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