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 Help Leveling

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Posts : 83
Join date : 2009-05-25
Location : California

PostSubject: Help Leveling   Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:32 am

Here is a small hint on where to go to help you with your leveling.
And when helping each others is really appreciated.
I got this from a Highly respected source, and thought I would share it.

As far as helping other pirates goes, yes you have to split rep, but being that you are usually crewed when you are all together, you get a crew bonus, so it pretty much makes up for it. If you crew with a bunch of other pirates, you are pretty much expected to jump in there, you don't have to wait "until someone is yellow" lol... that is the point of crewing, to share the kill so that you can get higher level enemies, the fact that you will be able to kill higher levels makes up for the split in rep, plus, you have the crew bonus. If i see a lower level (that i'm not crewed with) fighting a pretty high enemy, I usually jump in if i can. After the kill is over, I will apologize and tell them that i wasn't sure if they needed help or not, 99% of the time they say thank you, yes they did. I have never had anyone EVER get mad for helping them. EVER!!!! It's kind of expected on pirates. The ones that get offended are usually jerky pirates who get mad about everything, lol
At the fort in Port Royal, it is customary to go there to level. Everyone shares and it is just KNOWN that it is the place to do it, Kingshead is another place for this. But, the fort, most definitely. The point of going there is to be able to take down high levels all together. There is no waiting, no worrying no wondering if you can jump in. There, you just do. So if you ever need to level, go to a busy server, go there, and just jump in, k? That's what you do there!!! promise. Only one time i saw a guy make an issue about stealing rep, and everyone there told him to leave! lol that there are other places to go to level alone, and that pirates come there purposely to level together!! He left with his tail between his legs. Everyone was making fun of him for getting irritated about rep stealing, k? It really is usually low level complainers that are the ones that make issues about "rep stealing". It's stupid.

Good Luck Everyone!
Luckie O'Clover

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Lil LadyBug

Lil LadyBug

Posts : 35
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Age : 59
Location : Minnesota/North of Neverland

PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:51 am

Thank you Clover!! This is really good to know. Especially for us Pixies who are bound & determined to help any way we can Smile That is What Pixies do! I usually do leave others alone unless I know them but now I will help if I see they need it. Besides my PP Guild Mates of course!!
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Sapphire O'Scarlett

Sapphire O'Scarlett

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Location : a pillagin and a plunderin!

PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:47 am

Thanks for the info Clover! You sure are smart, and so is your unknown source. Wink

I agree with ya Bug, I have a urge to help ppl, but keep my distance because I don't want to get in with the wrong crowd or for someone to think I'm the wrong crowd. Very Happy

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Eliza O'Scarlett

Eliza O'Scarlett

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Age : 32
Location : Florida

PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:05 am

Having a crew definitely helps for gaining rep!

Here are some other things I onticed when wanting to gain rep

Like a Star @ heaven When you're in a crew and you're looking to level weapons and notoriety it helps to go after those "Boss" enemies with a few people. These are the characters with the red/yellow skull over their heads. I've gotten anywhere between 50-100pts of rep defeatiing this enemies with other people. It's always best to go at them with a crew or just j ump him when there are others trying to defeat them.

Like a Star @ heaven Switching weapons while defeating an enemy has also helped me gain more rep. I've switched from cutlass,dagger, to voodoo on one enemy and I gained more rep than if I had just done it with one weapon. I think this is better for notoriety, because I do not think you get points for every weapon used, just for the last weapon you used. I am not 100% sure on this , so if someon else knows please correct me!

Like a Star @ heaven Take on mini quests. A lot of shop keepers have mini quests that award you a small amount of rep. Usually you get 25 pts- 100 pts just for going to talk to some person, otherwise you are killing things that give you rep anyways, so it is helpful. Plus, you usually get some sort of reward in return to for completeting them. A bit of caution though, I'd stay away from the clothing quests they are EXTREAMLY extensive and take very long time. The quests from jewelers, tattoo parlors, and etc tend to be easier to complete.

Like a Star @ heaven Also use your resources like the Disney Online World POTC [url=http://www.disneyonlineworlds.com/index.php/Potco]game guide[ /url]. You can look up before hand to see what quests are worth taking or not, or what is going to be expected of you later on. You can also learn a lot about where things are located so you don't end up lost or looking in the wrong place for something!

Hope this helps!

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Posts : 266
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Age : 19
Location : NC [[Go Tarheels!!]]

PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:05 am

Just a little thing about rep, the more times you hit the enemy with your sword it gives you more rep.
Let's say your using your VooDoo Doll, and you use poke the whole time, you'd get more rep than you would using poke, scorch, and then life drain. Wink

Molly - Lv35 [And growing] - Pixie Piratez
Kelly - Lv5 [And growing'] - Pixie Piratez

I don't need to "get a life". I'm a gamer, I have lots of lives.
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Lil LadyBug

Lil LadyBug

Posts : 35
Join date : 2009-05-25
Age : 59
Location : Minnesota/North of Neverland

PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:20 pm

These are some really great tips!1 Thanks Pixies!
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PostSubject: Re: Help Leveling   

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Help Leveling
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