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 Current News: June 2, '09

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PostSubject: Current News: June 2, '09   Current News: June 2, '09 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2009 10:57 am

New Features and Updates now Live June 02, 2009
Current News: June 2, '09 Divider_line
We've released new features and improvements to Pirates of the Caribbean, log in now. This is a perfect chance to begin your life as a Pirate as we've expanded and changed many early game experiences. Enjoy!

New Features:

  • Early Quests have been modified for better playability, including Quests to find the first three Black Pearl crew members and Quest lines related to the Voodoo Doll
  • Introduced 70 new tutorial pop-up hints, these hints can be turned on and off from the Game Options Menu (F7)
Transportation Enhancements

  • Added new Dockworker NPCs to help Pirates stowaway on ships. This is a new transportation option which helps Pirates reach their destination without sailing a ship or needing a Teleport Totem. To become a stowaway, find a Dockworker on the dock of Tortuga, Port Royal, Padres Del Fuego or Cuba and pay him the gold he requests for the service.
  • Added 38 new, player submitted ship names to the Shipwrights Ship Naming Menu
Technical Enhancements

  • In areas throughout the game, changed enemy difficulties for better playability
  • Added Chat Permission Status to the Pirate Profile Panel
  • Added an option to toggle on and off Windows Sticky Keys (this option is disabled by default)
Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Changing Cannon Ammunition types no longer restarts the recharge timer
  • Made several bug fixes to NPC's: returned Navy Sailors to normal heights, enemies no longer ambush players and enemies will no longer attack Pirates once you leave their area
  • Better feedback/flow for guild name requests.
  • The loading screen now appears when starting game instead of a black screen
  • Polished the drop down Main Menu and Escape key interaction
  • Made several improvements to the Ray of Light to address tracking and hint problems
  • Removed the Quest completion percentages from the Journal page
  • Re-enabled the "dazed" effect above a Pirates head (for higher-detail graphics/effects settings)
  • Fixed a bug where your ship's repair spots would not be available even when the ship was stopped

Important Account and Customer Support Changes June 02, 2009

Current News: June 2, '09 Divider_line
Current News: June 2, '09 Pirates_at_work
Tabbed Accounts

For security reasons, we have removed the ability to tab between Linked Accounts on the Pirate selection screen. Please sign in with each account's unique login and password for the account you want to play. Please remember that your chat settings are set in the account, to change these settings log in and select "[URL="https://apps.pirates.go.com/pirates/v3/index?pageId=manageAccount"]Manage Account[/URL]" from the menu.

Service Hours Change
Please note we've updated our customer support hours. All times are Pacific Standard (Los Angeles).

M-F 8AM - 6PM
Sat 8AM - 4PM
Sun 10AM - 6PM

Molly - Lv35 [And growing] - Pixie Piratez
Kelly - Lv5 [And growing'] - Pixie Piratez

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Current News: June 2, '09
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